Nashville, Here I Come


I promise I won’t continue to inundate this space with continual references to my fifth and sixth graders, but some moments are too noteworthy to pass up.

Today, a sixth grader asked me if I thought Roy Halladay is the best starting pitcher in baseball. I briefly mulled it over, and decided that no, he isn’t, but he’s awfully close. Overhearing the question, another boy proclaimed Halladay’s absolute superiority and cited his 20 wins last year as evidence. The initial sixth grader paused, considered the possibility, and then with genuine thoughtfulness said “I don’t know, I guess I don’t see wins as a better stat than ERA. Tim Wakefield won 20 games one time with an ERA of 5!” It turns out that this is more or less correct. In 2007, Wakefield won 17 games with an ERA of 4.76. I’m now searching the internet for printable adoption papers. But mostly, I’m just heartened. 

I’ll return to posting on Monday. One of my best friends is graduating from Vanderbilt this weekend, necessitating a triumphant return to Dixie until Sunday night. Until then, fair readers.


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