Tiger Woods Has Offended Rick Reilly’s Genteel Sensibilities


ESPN’s Rick Reilly is mad at Tiger Woods. He is mad at Tiger Woods because Woods – like many hyper-competitive and wildly successful athletes – gets quite intense and curses, throws clubs, and displays generally ornery behavior during his events.

More baffling than his selection of Woods is Reilly’s devotion of a paragraph to the admission of Woods’ ultimate harmlessness:

Look, in every other case, I think Tiger Woods has been an A-plus role model. Never shows up in the back of a squad car with a black eye. Never gets busted in a sleazy motel with three “freelance models.” Never gets so much as a parking ticket. But this punk act on the golf course has got to stop. If it were my son, I’d tell him the same thing: “Either behave or get off the course.”

Do you know what has got to stop? Things like Donte’ Stallworth killing a guy while driving drunk. Or like Zach Randolph drunkenly driving some family members around after one of his games. Or Jason Richardson endangering his young child’s life by going 90 in a 35. Or ESPN’s mysterious decision not to cover the rape charges currently facing the Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger. Those things have to stop, and deserve roughly a thousand times more coverage than they each received.

Of all the professional athletes in the world to complain about, Reilly chooses Tiger Woods. It hurts to think about all of the interesting, revealing, and progressive topics to which those 800 words could have been devoted.


4 Responses to Tiger Woods Has Offended Rick Reilly’s Genteel Sensibilities

  1. tlcat says:

    I have to go with Reilly on this one. We shouldn’t let the fact that the bar has been set so low by others in sports ruin the traditional sportsmanship of golf (see Nicklaus, Palmer, Jones, Watson, Mickelson). Woods should be held to the standard of the great golfers who have preceeded him.

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  3. The Editor says:

    Really couldn’t agree more. In fact I wrote a similar article and found your post through a “Related Blog Post” link. Check out my article at: http://espneditor.com/?p=245

  4. amen to that says:

    I agree with tlcat. Is a murderer not so bad because he/she isn’t a serial killer? Bad behavior is bad behavior. Tiger has admitted – even embraced – the fact that he IS a role model. He can either be one of the bad ones…or one of the good ones.

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