Kevin Youkilis Did Not “Tackle” Rick Porcello

From’s recap of last night’s Tigers-Red Sox game, which included a brawl initiated by the hyper-emotional Kevin Youkilis:

Youkilis led off the second inning and was hit in the back with the first pitch. He dropped his bat and ran toward Porcello, throwing his batting helmet at the pitcher — and missing — before wrapping him up and bringing him to the ground. Players ran out of the dugouts and trickled in from the bullpens, but they mostly milled around as the umpires sorted things out.

From the Boston Globe:

Youkilis charged the mound after Rick Porcello hit him in the back with a fastball. After the benches emptied and Youkilis, who threw his helmet at Porcello before tackling him, got thrown out, Lowell entered as a pinch runner.

Now, the video:

Youkilis tackled Porcello? I know this is stupid and pretty inconsequential, but still: Youkilis tackled Porcello?

I’m reminded of this scene from My Cousin Vinny (pertinent part starts at 3:15):

I’m absolutely patting myself on the back for squeezing a My Cousin Vinny reference into a post.


One Response to Kevin Youkilis Did Not “Tackle” Rick Porcello

  1. Kiko Jones says:

    I think it was MLB Network analyst Mitch Williams who said it best: throwing your helmet and getting body slammed by a skinny 20 year old rookie embarrasses the entire male side of your family tree.

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