Fan Interference’s First Poll

Because this is clearly a hot topic:


8 Responses to Fan Interference’s First Poll

  1. Phil says:

    Avigail may like the suit… but well… actually, never mind. I won’t criticize Avigail’s fashion sense except to imply something in a not so subtle manner. Here are the problems with Plaxico’s suit:

    1. The jacket has peak lapels. Not that peak lapels are that bad (even if they are sorta out of fashion right now), but peak lapels rarely, if ever, belong on a single-breasted suit. And if you HAVE to put peak lapels on a single-breasted suit, for god’s sakes, don’t put them on a 3-button suit. Jesus.

    2. A windowpane pattern doesn’t belong on a jacket with peak lapels. Perhaps a subtle pin-stripe, or better yet, just solid.

    3. The color of the windowpane contrasts too much with the rest of the jacket. A more subtle color would be better. This is why windowpane on a suit is just a bad idea generally… it sticks out too much unless done very carefully. Windowpane is much better as either a) on a sports jacket blended with another pattern like a tan houndstooth, or b) as a smaller checked pattern for trousers with less area per square and against a darker color. Maybe he’s not actually wearing a suit though. Which is actually even worse, since peak lapels never belong on a sport coat, and given his jacket taste, I can’t imagine what his pants look like. He’s probably wearing clown pants.

    4. I can’t see the bottom of the jacket, but it looks as if he has a ticket pocket, which doesn’t belong on a jacket of this kind.

    5. I need a larger picture, but his tie/collar combo is off. Either he chose the wrong tie knot for a pointed collar, or he incorrectly tied the knot.

    6. Why in the world are all 3 buttons buttoned? The only conceivable reason for that is if it’s a 4 button jacket, which is even worse since 4 button jackets look terrible.

    I honestly don’t know what would look worse. This suit or me walking down the street naked.

  2. Kevin says:

    As an administrator, I wish there was an “Emphatically Approve” button for comments like this instead of just “Approve”.

  3. avigail says:

    I recognize that I have no sense of style, and that yes, last time you saw me I was wearing a miniskirt and keen sandals. But he looks handsome! Isn’t that all that really matters? Perhaps he chose it because it’s comfortable (see: miniskirt and keen sandals)?

  4. Alex says:

    It looks like graph paper.

  5. Stafford says:

    I suppose I’d shoot myself, too, if whenver I opened up my closet I saw that suit staring back at me.

    I think some context would be helpful here:
    Two court appearances ago, awful suit.
    Last time, classic GQ cool.

    Personally, I looked forward to this court-date as a chance for him to win or lose the series; the “rubber game” of a series, if you will permit baseball metaphors we can all understand on this blog, blogmaster.

    He came up short. Perhaps he was looking for sympathy – “I can hardly dress myself, let alone utilize good judgement”.

    I’m sure all of Plax’s soon-to-be inmate friends will teach him a thing or two about fashion.

  6. TBone says:

    You’re referring to the lawyer, right? I hate the puke green tie.

  7. Francoeur Frank says:

    I like the suit on Plax, just not for the situation he was in. I do understand what silly Philly was saying, but Plaxico pulls it off. However, this suit is too… fun; yeah that’s the word. It doesn’t say gun charge. I would have gone with a solid or maybe some pinstripes.

  8. Alex says:

    Are you comfortable being named after a Met now Frenchie?

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