Alex Rodriguez: Not A Choker


Alex Rodriguez’s career batting line is .305/.390/.576.

Alex Rodriguez’s career postseason batting line is now .307/.408/.570.

Can we finally agree that Alex Rodriguez isn’t a weak-willed, unclutch, team-killing choker? Can we just recognize that his postseason struggles (which were grossly exaggerated, by the way) were just the randomness of a small sample size? With that explanation in mind, can we do away with the idea that postseason futility means a player lacks fortitude or some superior moral quality? Please?

More than a few people owe Rodriguez an apology for attacking his character and gumption over the last several years.

3 Responses to Alex Rodriguez: Not A Choker

  1. avigailoren says:

    One of my coworkers hypothesizes that he has played so well this year because his soul is no longer being crushed under his failing marriage. In fact, his soul is now buoyed by Kate Hudson, resulting in his stellar post-season. What do you make of that?

  2. Kevin says:

    Your coworker raises a good point. Rodriguez’s BSI (buoyed soul index) has indeed risen from a replacement-level 12.6 to an All-Star caliber 48.1 since his romance with Hudson began. How I overlooked such a significant factor, I don’t know.

  3. TBone says:

    After last night, clearly A-Rod is a choker. Hahahaha congrats man.

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