Vanderbilt Basketball: You Know You Missed It

One of the many reasons that I like college basketball season is that it gives me an excuse to rant about Vanderbilt’s basketball team. If I wrote or talked about Vanderbilt basketball during baseball season, people would listen to me even less than they normally do, because really, who cares about how good the Commodores will be this year? But when the season is in full swing, I feel like my discussion is warranted and that you have to listen to what I say. So, be prepared for another season of my complaining about Festus Ezeli’s perpetually outrageous assist-to-turnover ratio (1:43 last season, 0:5 this year), shameless overrating of Commodore players, and my newest crusade, which is Steve Tchiengang and Brad Tinsley’s inability to do anything useful on a basketball court. You’re going to love it.

For now, I just want to tell you that ESPN’s Jay Williams and Rob Stone are not good broadcasters. This explains why they’re doing the Missouri-Vanderbilt game on ESPNU at 9:30pm. Nevertheless, that doesn’t give them the right to make up words, which they’ve done with remarkable regularly in the first half. Most notable was Stone’s constant classification of the game’s pace as “frentic,” which I can only assume is some heinous and indecisive combination of “frenetic” and “frantic.” Williams has gotten involved as well, saying Jermaine Beal’s most important contribution to the team is his “veteranship.” I would argue that it’s his 15.4 points per game, 48.1% shooting, and 2.33 assist-to-turnover ratio that make him good, but reasonable minds can differ.

This brings us to the following image, which is undoubtedly the first of many to be issued this season:

Go ‘Dores!

EDIT: Upon further review, my newest crusade might be the Commodores’ penchant for turning over the ball. Going into tonight’s game, the team’s assist-to-turnover ratio was 1:1.4, which is just terrible. Then, of course, they turned the ball over 23 times tonight against Missouri. I know Missouri plays fast – or “frentic” – basketball, which means more possessions, which means more opportunities for turnovers. But that also means there are more opportunities for assists, and the Commodores only had 13 of them tonight. It’s early, but this is not good.


One Response to Vanderbilt Basketball: You Know You Missed It

  1. avigailoren says:

    While I agree with you that frentic is most decidedly not a word, I would argue that perhaps the compounding of “frantic” and “frenetic” does add additional meaning. It seems to imply a situation in which the speed of play is not only rapid, but so rapid as to make athletes spaztic, which is the image brought to my mind by frenetic humans trying to maintain eye-hand coordination.

    Also, the word frenetic derives from the Greek word for “inflamation of the brain,” which perhaps explains the turnovers.

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