Half Outraged

Yesterday, I posted rather lengthily about why Vanderbilt should be ranked higher than Tennessee when the newest polls are released. My final conclusion:

This brings me to my ultimate point, which is that while Tennessee might have a very small edge over Vanderbilt in one aspect of the analysis, it’s nothing like big enough to overcome the fact that Vanderbilt is 2-0 against Tennessee and by a margin of 28 points. Because of this, Vanderbilt should be ranked higher than Tennessee in tomorrow’s polls. But I’m not confident this will actually happen. What’s more likely is that Tennessee drops to #17 or #18, and Vanderbilt ascends to #21 or #20, and that I will become really irritated. I hope I’m wrong, though.

I was half wrong, and therefore I am half outraged. The polls have been released, and the coaches – in their infinite wisdom – have ranked Tennessee 18th and Vanderbilt 19th. This despite the fact that Vanderbilt has a superior overall record, a superior conference record, an equivalent non-conference performance, and a 2-0 record against Tennessee by a total margin of 28 points. Perhaps we should just ask the coaches to stick to what they’re (theoretically) good at: coaching.

The AP Poll is far more heartening. The writers have ranked Vanderbilt 17th and Tennessee 20th, which I think is awfully fair to both teams and exactly where they should be. Well done, AP voters.

Now can someone tell me what exactly Virginia Tech (20-4 overall, 7-3 ACC) has to do to get ranked?


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