Fan Interference’s Second Poll

Over the course of the last 48 hours, a group of no fewer than five people (myself included) have intermittently debated the hierarchy of M&Ms. While no consensus has been reached, I think that M&Ms should be ranked in the following way (from worst to best):

Dark chocolate -> Almond -> Dark chocolate peanut -> Peanut -> Milk chocolate/regular -> Peanut butter

This is pretty clearly the correct order. One debater has peanut butter ranked in the bottom third, because “peanut butter is not meant to go with chocolate.” This is an insane thing to say, because not only do most humans think that peanut butter and chocolate go exquisitely together, some extraterrestrials think so too. Another debater has the peanut variety perched at the top. There is no way this is accurate, especially considering the perpetual threat of a bad peanut lying in wait within.

So, I ask you: which is the best kind of M&M? Vote in the sidebar. Also, feel free to leave your complete rankings in the comment section of this post.


One Response to Fan Interference’s Second Poll

  1. Phil says:

    Kev, the fact that you have dark chocolate at the bottom troubles me greatly. Dark chocolate, is, and always will be, the most exquisite and best form of chocolate. You must like white chocolate too, you peasant.

    The only reason I didn’t vote for dark is due to its relative rarity, and the fact that dark chocolate is best enjoyed as its meant to- in its shell-less form. But under no circumstace should it be ranked last.

    The plain, milk chocolate is clearly the best. It’s the original and true form. Peanut butter, even assuming it belongs with chocolate (which it does not), is a poor man’s spin-off of M&Ms. Like sour skittles or something. Not to mention, that even if you wanted to go that route, you could stick with the original, like Reeses’ Pieces or something.

    The only acceptable ingredients to mix with your chocolate are caramel, and mint. York’s peppermint patties are an underrated, yet classy treat.

    Kevin, you probably put thousand island dressing on your salad, or ketchup on your well-done steak too.

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