Your Daily Gusgasm: March 11th

Every day from now until March 17th, I will be sharing with you an epic Gus Johnson call. Not all calls will be from a college basketball game, but really, Gus Johnson could call me taking out the trash and it would be spine-tingling.

Favorite moment: After the classic Gus hysteria from 0:14-0:32, there is his single-word utterance at 0:37 that has really, really grown on me with the passage of time.


2 Responses to Your Daily Gusgasm: March 11th

  1. R. Thomas says:

    I’m not sure who I’d want to narrate/call my life. It’s seriously a tie between Gus Johnson and David Attenborough (the British guy from Planet Earth).

    Also, “Kevin with the trash heave…. PUUUURRREE.”

  2. Kevin says:

    I’d go with David Attenborough for the routine events, Morgan Freeman for the profound moments, and Gus Johnson for the explosive highs and lows. This is a really fun thing to think about though.

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