The Dysfunctional Mets: April 27th

It pains me to write this, but as I listened to Mike Francesa’s interview with Jerry Manuel, I realized that there’s not a whole lot of delusion or incompetence going on with the Mets right now. They’re playing pretty good baseball, and have found themselves atop the NL East as April winds down. And as much as I’d like to rag on them like I did at the very beginning of the season, there’s not much material there. While the best part about issuing cranky prognostications is pointing out when you’re right, it’s also only fair that you admit when you’re wrong too. So far, I’ve been wrong about the Mets. So far. We’ll see how things look when Ike Davis isn’t hitting .333/.424/.556, when Jeff Francoeur settles down (I’m not buying his turnaround for boring and statistical reasons), and when Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, and Jonathon Niese don’t have a combined ERA of 2.07.

I’m not very good at apologies, am I?


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