Rockies Belatedly Fix Totally Predictable Problem, Call Up Jhoulys Chacin

Me, on July 24th:

“With Jorge de la Rosa returning, the Rockies had an opportunity to assemble a deep and balanced starting rotation. They could have simply sent Cook to the bullpen, making the rotation Jimenez, de la Rosa, Chacin, Jason Hammel, and Francis. The xFIPs of that staff are, respectively: 3.69, 3.94, 3.82, 3.72, 4.14. That’s a pretty darn good rotation. Instead, Cook remains in the rotation at Chacin’s expense. And while Cook is not a bad pitcher, the difference between five Cook starts and five Chacin starts (let’s assume that the Rockies will come to their senses fairly quickly) is significant in a tight divisional race. Maybe I’m missing something, but from afar, it seems like the Rockies just passed up a chance to add a win or two to their season total.”

Inside the Rockies‘ Tracy Ringolsby, today:

“RHP Jhouyls [sic] Chacin will be recalled from Triple-A Colorado Springs and replace Aaron Cook in Rockies rotation Sunday.”

Because there are so many variables involved, it’s impossible to know what the Rockies’ record would be had they given Cook the boot instead of Chacin. But it’s pretty clear now – as it was on July 24th, by the way – that the organization hurt itself by choosing the struggling veteran over the promising youngster.


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