Here We Go

At 8:37 tonight, the Yankees begin their run at World Series victory number 28. There are several reasons I don’t think the Yankees will make it. Joe Girardi’s even more Type A, even more meddlesome alter ego Coffee Joe will surely emerge at some point and with disastrous results. The Yankees still don’t have any starting pitching beyond CC Sabathia (even if Sabathia himself isn’t all that concerned). Girardi chose Hughes to start Game 3 at Yankee Stadium, even though his home run problems vanish on the road. And most importantly, my girlfriend – the good luck charm who was the key to last year’s ultimate success – will not be watching Game 1 with me tonight. For my money, all of that is just too much to overcome.

But none of that will stop me from hoping and rooting as hard as I can. Let’s go Yankees.

4 Responses to Here We Go

  1. I think they’ll have no trouble with a banged up, Morneux-less Twinkies. In fact, the only teams I think have a shot at beating them are the Giants and the Phillies, thanks to their dominant pitching.

  2. Luc V. says:

    I am equally scared. Their pitching worries me. Pettite I think is the key to a world series repeat

  3. Jeff says:

    How can your girlfriend not watch the game with you tonight, when she knows full well that her absence will cause the Yankees to lose? Doesn’t she care about you?

  4. Avigail says:

    Dear Fan Interference,

    I will watch the game with you tonight, in a show of support for another Yankees championship. This, despite agreeing with your assessment.

    Wake me up for the last out?

    Your Girlfriend

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