Feeling Thankful

I am thankful for many things today. Obviously, I am thankful for the Yankees’ stunning comeback in the eighth inning of last night’s game. But I am thankful for things within that specific game as well.

I am thankful for Dustin Moseley, who somehow managed to not be terrible in his two innings of long relief, allowing the Yankees a real shot to get back in it. Anyone who says they saw that coming is lying to you.

I am thankful for Ron Washington, who reminded me that Joe Girardi is not the only manager who steadfastly refuses to use his closer/best reliever unless it’s a save situation. Thanks to Washington, Neftali Feliz stayed glued to the bullpen bench while a steady stream of his ineffective peers were called upon to stop the bleeding. Washington explained the non-move to reporters after the game, saying that Feliz “has never done anything like [a six-out save]” – even though Feliz has done it three times this season. The real reason, as you and I both know, is that it wasn’t a save situation.

I am thankful that I am not a Rangers fan. I am always thankful for this on some constant, minimum level, because being a Rangers fan undoubtedly means I am from or grew up in Texas, but I am especially thankful because last night’s loss would have destroyed me. Blowing a five-run lead in that manner is bad enough, but Washington’s bullpen management would have sent me into a stratosphere of fury that I have probably never experienced before.

But most of all, I am thankful for the Nolan Ryan Face… :

… which instantly joins the Tim Tebow Crying Face, the Tyler Hansbrough Mouth Agape Face, and the Jerry Jones Death Stare Face in my quartet of greatest faces. Fantastic.


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