“Game Recognize Game”

Like a handful of other crazy New Yorkers, I stayed up late last night to watch the Knicks-Clippers game. That was a fantastic decision, primarily because of Blake Griffin. Griffin annihilated the Knicks with an explosive array of dunks mixed with an occasional 18-foot jumper. Late in the second half, it got to the point where the Clippers’ offense consisted of Griffin driving to the basket and trying to dunk every shot he took, even if the laws of both physics and probability tried to impede him. I’ve never seen anything like it.

If you want to see Griffin’s fearsome handiwork, you can check out the highlights here; I have no interest in posting video of my beloved Knicks being humiliated. But for my money, the best clip isn’t the highlights, but this wordless exchange between Griffin and Amare Stoudemire during a lull in the action. It’s just a neat catch, a funny but profound moment that represents the passing of the torch from the NBA of today to the NBA of tomorrow.


One Response to “Game Recognize Game”

  1. Adam Dalva says:

    I stayed in last night, consumed by Blake, yells spurting out of me at strange intervals awakening both horrified neighbors and some heretofore unknown primordial id that had been lurking within, tiger in an invisible cage. Loved the Amare, and loved this:
    “Mozgov smiled and even chuckled when he recalled how quick it happened. Then he shrugged. “Of course I can’t think about it all my life, right?” he said. “It was a nice dunk, though,” he then added

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