Fan Interference owes its existence to the preponderance of lazy, unhelpful, and irresponsible analysis that exists in contemporary sports coverage. Too often, sports media outlets put forth a product that dumbs down discussion. Fan Interference believes in exploration that is both well-reasoned and thorough, progressive and enlightening. The analysis of sports – just like any analysis – should aim to improve the quality of discussion and the knowledge of its participants.

Fan Interference attempts to call attention to instances of analytical failure or lost opportunities for enlightenment. There was a time when my only goal was to humiliate and berate transgressors, but my tone has changed. Fan Interference now aims to reveal shortcomings, point out missed opportunities for greater edification, and generally shed some light on the myths, inaccuracies, and inflexible thinking that pervades much of the contemporary sports media.

Because Fan Interference feels quite strongly about its mission, its tone may come across as snarky at times. It is my sincerest hope, however, that readers understand my ramblings are not meant to condemn or mock (unless it’s really deserved). Instead, they are meant to improve the quality of discussion and analysis where larger sports media outlets have fallen short.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Sam Hess says:

    I take exception to your answer in the FAQ section that you come from a generally cranky family. You do your loved ones a disservice my friend. Otherwise I like the blog, even though I’m not crazy about your disdain for things ending in -ets! Things that start with “J” or “N”, okay, but not “M!”

    Take care,

    Sam Hess

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