Editor’s Picks

A frustrating but inevitable part of blogging is the relative lack of control you have over which posts your audience reads. For example, some of the most popular posts on this site have been things that were whimsically thrown together in minutes, trivial rants, or substantial but uncreative lists. There’s absolutely a place for these sorts of things (or else they wouldn’t have been published), but sometimes I wish I could direct you to the pieces that mean the most to me, required great thought, or are just plain fun. So, this is that. This is my possibly futile effort to expose you to my personal favorites from the last two and a half (editor’s note: wow) years, which may or may not have been buried deep in the archives. I welcome your comments on these pieces even more than I already do for the others.

  • About Devan Downey – a look at the South Carolina guard’s role in the upset of #1 Kentucky, at the reaction to Downey’s play, and at his flawed but necessary skills
  • 27 – the Yankees win the 2009 World Series
  • Slumbering Umpires – an anecdote set in the only place an umpire and a Jesus freak might cross paths: the New York City subway system

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